How To Buy Groceries at Whole Foods for $100


One of my favorite stores ever is Whole Foods. You can catch me there 3-4 times a week. While I love many other grocery stores, Whole Foods is one of the only places where I can go and not worry about where my food came from, what was sprayed on it, how were the animals treated, etc. Just check out their list of forbidden ingredients! From bleached flour to artificial anything & everything, you won’t find it at Whole Foods. I can go in with a clear conscience knowing that what I’m buying is the best the market has to offer for my family.

I think the only thing preventing every person in the United States from shopping at Whole Foods is <<drumroll>> money. We all want (or so I would hope) to eat as healthily, organically, and ethically as possible. However, in the ironic world we live in, the foods that are free of all the things that are bad for you are actually the foods that are more expensive. The foods with the least ingredients (ie: no preservative this or chemical that) are the ones with the highest price tags. So, is it possible to shop at Whole Foods on a budget? Yes!

We are a family of 5 (2 adults and 3 small children), and this is an actual sample of what my Whole Foods shopping list looks like for one work week:

Breakfast Items ($23):
-french toast (WF brand) $2.29
-mini waffles (WF brand) $1.99
-cereal (WF brand) $2.49
-2 lbs. bananas $1.38
-2 lbs. apples $3.98
-whole milk $5.49
-carton of eggs $2.49
-orange juice (WF brand) $2.99

Lunch Items (total $23):
-deli-made bread $3
-2 cans of tuna $3.40
-egg rolls $2.99
-deli meat $4
-bag of organic carrots $1.99
-veggie chips (WF brand) $1.99
-snap peas chips $1.99
-yogurt in tubes $3.49

Dinner Items (total $53)
-2 packs of frozen ravioli $7
-spaghetti $0.99
-2 jars of organic pasta sauce $4.40
-1 lb. of ground dark turkey $4.99
-1 whole chicken $6
-chicken breast pieces $5
-frozen tipalia fish $7
-bag of white potatoes $4
-a couple sweet potatoes $3
-bag of 3 romaine hearts $2.99
-onion $1
-edamame $2.99
-bottle of wine $2.99

With the above purchased items, you can make the following meals for everyone in the family:

5 Breakfast Ideas (for 5 people)
1) 5 scrambled eggs, 5 slices of toast, 2.5 cups of milk
2) box of french toast sticks with maple syrup, 2.5 cups of orange juice
3) box of mini waffles with maple syrup, 2.5 cups of milk
4) 5 hardboiled eggs, 5 bananas, 2.5 cups of milk
5) cereal with milk, 2.5 cups of orange juice

5 Lunch Ideas (for 5 people)
1) tuna fish sandwiches, carrots, veggie chips
2) egg rolls (warmed up at home in the morning), snap peas chips, apples
3) deli meat sandwiches, yogurts, carrots, veggie chips
4) leftover spaghetti (see below), bananas, veggie chips
5) egg salad sandwich, snap peas chips, apples

5 Dinner Ideas (for 5 people)
1) spaghetti made with ground turkey and jar of pasta sauce, salad made with romaine heart lettuce, milk for kids & wine for adults
2) whole chicken (made in oven) along with potatoes, onion, and some carrots
3) 2 packets of ravioli with 1 jar of pasta sauce, salad made with romaine heart lettuce, milk for kids, wine for adults
4) breaded chicken breast pieces, sliced sweet potatoes, and salad made with romaine heart lettuce
5) breaded tilapia, homemade mashed potatoes, and salted edamame; milk for kids, wine for adults

And there you have it – 5 work days worth of food for 5 people for under $100. It is totally do-able! My rules are – look for sales and buy the Whole Foods brand (aka “365 Everyday Value”) whenever possible. The best part is that most of the items on the list are organic!

This menu doesn’t take into account the condiments it takes to make the dishes above (ie: mayo for sandwiches, maple syrup for waffles) because those items you usually don’t buy every week. When it comes time to buy those items, you just swap out something more expensive on the menu for something cheaper (ie: instead of deli meat sandwiches for lunch, plan to make peanut butter & jelly sandwiches).

Happy shopping!

4 thoughts on “How To Buy Groceries at Whole Foods for $100

  1. Bea

    Fantastic info, I didnt think it was possible to put whole foods and budget in the same sentence. I would also like to add that they do take coupons.
    Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. francesca

    why do your kids drink milk for dinner?why not water?also you would save money and have even healthier meal if you made the past asauce yourself…it’s simple and takes no just need some onions, pelati and olive oil (and some spices if you wish)…really simple and healthy


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