Photo of the Day – Ridiculous Restaurant Charge

In case you haven’t heard/seen for yourself, Croatia is one of the most beautiful places on earth. If you don’t believe me, just go to Google Images and type in “Croatia”. As with other gorgeous destinations around the world, people tend to flock there to soak up the gorgeousness.

One of the most popular destinations in Croatia is Dubrovnik. It is also the most expensive. The reason? Supply versus demand – basic economics. Even though establishments there can charge outrageous prices, I was still shocked when I saw this picture of my friend’s receipt on Facebook from a restaurant there. Apparently, the restaurant can get away with charging for setting the table. That’s right. For two people, the charge is 84 kune, roughly $15. They apparently charge per person ($7.50). Have you ever heard of such a thing?

UPDATE: I have found out that this was at the Dubrovnik restaurant called NAUTIKA.


3 thoughts on “Photo of the Day – Ridiculous Restaurant Charge

  1. lol

    It says down on croatian: this is not a bill, it’s only as an information about the price to be payed. So actually, they didn’t even get the bill. If he payed based on that, the owner of the restourant didn’t pay taxes on that, so yeah, he actually scammed the goverment for the tax amount.

  2. Di

    This “table setting” is also known as “le couvert”, and it is normal thing in restaurants. But the price is ridiculous :)

  3. meh

    Erm, I’ve paid 5€ per person for ‘view’ for just sitting and having coffee in Venice… Plus 3€ for my coffee, so I’m not surprised. Also, I’ve been charged ‘couver’ more than once in the States (not to mention the obligatory tip, even if the food and service was hideous), so this practice isn’t anything new.


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