What To Do With Leftover Halloween Candy


If you’re like me, you’re going into a sugar coma just staring at the mountains of candy your children amassed during Hallowen. And when you have 3 kids like me, that’s 3 times as many mountains (oh vey!).
Thanks to the lovely interweb, I’ve rounded up some things you can do with all that leftover candy:

1) Donate it to your local dentist’s office. I know that here in Austin, there is a group of dentists that “buys” back candy from kids after Halloween. Do some googling and see if your town offers the same.

2) Freeze it. Those M&Ms, Snickers, and Butterfingers can come in handy if you’re making cookies, brownies or cakes down the road… and when they’re frozen, it’ll make it harder for you the kids to randomly munch on.

3) Bring it to the office. Although this can sometimes be ineffective if everyone else at work is bringing their leftover candy to the office, it’s better than it sitting at home.

4) Send it to our troops overseas via organizations like Operation Shoebox.

5) Donate to a shelter, food pantry, etc. in your local town.

6) Tell your kids that if they put it under their pillow, the Candy Fairy will come and give them a gift (a new little toy? money?). Then, do with the candy as you please.

7) Chunk it. If all of the above fails, there is always the trash. As much as I hate throwing food away, it’s much better than your children ingesting pounds of candy.

What are YOU going to do with leftover Halloween candy?

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